Landgoed & Tuin Kasteel Duivenvoorde

Duivenvoorde thanks his name probably to the rivers the Duve (or Dobbe) and the Voor, where between the castle has been built. In 1225 is "Duvenvoirt" first named in a document where the heritage of the goods is aranged.
Approximately 1250 there was on the place of the castle a dungeon (a square defendingtower). Later, a livingspace was more important than safety. They built more and more to the towe. With a drastic renovation in order from Johan van Wassenaer in 1631 the castle got his current appearance and floor-plan. Duivenvoorde went from a Dungeon to a very cosy castle.
Duivenvoorde has never been sold but always dispose of by will. And that is very unique. Later in 1960 the heritage has ben brought under a non profit foundation by noble woman Ludolphine Henriette baroness Schimmelpennick can der Oije. After a renovation the castle was now opened for the public. 
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